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Aztec Sun

/02/09 - In unserem Shop können Sie sich alles kaufen, was Sie für Ihr Tier, zum Werken und für Ihr Hobby benötigen. Neben dem jeweiligen Paracord. Aug 31, - Six Leaf Multiple Colours Aztec Sun Bar Dieses Tutorial wurde mir von Bettina Schlezak zur Verfügung gestellt, sie gab mir freundlicher Weise. Bild von Mexiko, Nordamerika: Aztec Sun - Yucatán - Schauen Sie sich authentische Fotos und Videos von Mexiko an, die von Tripadvisor-Mitgliedern.

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This Pin was discovered by Debbie Suscheck. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Healing Songtext von AZTEC SUN mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik​-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Wunderschöner Glasteelichthalter. Passt wunderbar zu unserer FIMO-​Aromalampe. Motiv "Aztec Sun".

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Aztec Sun

According to the Aztec creation myth, the world of the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish colonization was the fifth era of a cycle of creation and destruction—they believed their world had been created and destroyed four times before.

During each of the four previous cycles, different gods governed the earth through a dominant element and then destroyed it.

These worlds were called suns. In the beginning, according to Aztec mythology, the creator couple of Tonacacihuatl and Tonacateuctli also known as the god Ometeotl , who was both male and female gave birth to four sons, the Tezcatlipocas of the East, North, South, and West.

After years, the sons began to create the universe, including the creation of cosmic time, called "suns.

After the world was created, the gods gave light to humans. But to do this, one of the gods had to sacrifice himself by leaping into a fire. Each subsequent sun was created by the personal sacrifice of at least one of the gods.

Thus, a key element of the story—like in all Aztec culture—is that sacrifice is required to begin renewal. The Swiss artist Johann Salomon Hegi painted the famous Paseo de las Cadenas in , the Sun Stone is distinguishable below and to the right of the ash tree foliage.

The sculpted motifs that cover the surface of the stone refer to central components of the Mexica cosmogony. The state-sponsored monument linked aspects of Aztec ideology such as the importance of violence and warfare, the cosmic cycles, and the nature of the relationship between gods and man.

The Aztec elite used this relationship with the cosmos and the bloodshed often associated with it to maintain control over the population, and the Sun Stone was a tool in which the ideology was visually manifested.

Some scholars have argued that the identity of the central face is of the earth monster, Tlaltecuhtli , or of a hybrid deity known as Yohualtecuhtli who is referred to as the "Lord of the Night.

The Aztecs changed the order of the suns and introduced a fifth sun named 4 Movement after they seized power over the central highlands.

The duration of the ages is expressed in years, although they must be observed through the prism of Aztec time.

In fact the common thing to figures , and is that they are multiples of 52, and 52 years is the duration of 1 Aztec century, and that is why they can express a certain amount of Aztec centuries.

Thus, years are 13 Aztec centuries; years are 7, and years are 6 Aztec centuries. Placed among these four squares are three additional dates, 1 Flint Tecpatl , 1 Rain Atl , and 7 Monkey Ozomahtli , and a Xiuhuitzolli , or ruler's turquoise diadem, glyph.

It has been suggested that these dates may have had both historical and cosmic significance, and that the diadem may form part of the name of the Mexica ruler Moctezuma II.

The first concentric zone or ring contains the signs corresponding to the 20 days of the 18 months and five nemontemi of the Aztec solar calendar Nahuatl : xiuhpohualli.

It is important to note that the monument is not a functioning calendar, but instead uses the calendrical glyphs to reference the cyclical concepts of time and its relationship to the cosmic conflicts within the Aztec ideology.

The order is as follows:. The second concentric zone or ring contains several square sections, with each section containing five points.

Directly above these square sections are small arches are said to be feather ornaments. Directly above these are spurs or peaked arches that appear in groups of four.

Two fire serpents, Xiuhcoatl , take up almost this entire zone. They are characterized by the flames emerging from their bodies, the square shaped segments that make up their bodies, the points that form their tails, and their unusual heads and mouths.

At the very bottom of the surface of the stone, are human heads emerging from the mouths of these serpents. Scholars have tried to identify these profiles of human heads as deities, but have not come to a consensus.

The tongues of the serpents are touching, referencing the continuity of time and the continuous power struggle between the deities over the earthly and terrestrial worlds.

The edge of the stone measures approximately 8 inches and contains a band of a series of dots as well as what have been said to be flint knives. This area has been interpreted as representing a starry night sky.

From the moment the Sun Stone was discovered in , many scholars have worked at making sense of the stone's complexity. This provides a long history of over years of archaeologists, scholars, and historians adding to the interpretation of the stone.

In addition to its tremendous aesthetic value, the Sun Stone abounds in symbolism and elements that continue to inspire researchers to search deeper for the meaning of this singular monument.

The earliest interpretations of the stone relate to what early scholars believed was its use for astrology, chronology, or as a sundial.

He disagreed about the material of the stone but generally agreed with Leon y Gama's interpretation. Both of these men incorrectly believed the stone to have been vertically positioned, but it was not until that Alfredo Chavero correctly wrote that the proper position for the stone was horizontal.

Another aspect of the stone is its religious significance. One theory is that the face at the center of the stone represents Tonatiuh , the Aztec deity of the sun.

It is for this reason that the stone became known as the "Sun Stone. Yet another characteristic of the stone is its possible geographic significance.

The four points may relate to the four corners of the earth or the cardinal points. The inner circles may express space as well as time.

Lastly, there is the political aspect of the stone. It may have been intended to show Tenochtitlan as the center of the world and therefore, as the center of authority.

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The monolith was found half a yard about 40 centimeters under the ground surface and 60 meters to the west of the second door of the Kreuzworträtsel Leicht palace, [9] and removed from the earth with a "real rigging with double pulley". ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user Book Of Ra Manipulieren. Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank. The lived history was marked by violence and Paarchip conquering of native groups, and their mythic history was used to legitimize their conquests and the establishment of the capital Tenochtitlan. Most of them were found underneath the center of Mexico City, while others are of unknown origin. The rationale behind the bloodshed and sacrifice conducted by 60 Free Spins No Deposit Aztec was supported by religious and militant purposes, but the Spanish were horrified by what they saw, and the published accounts twisted the perception of the Aztecs Europaleague Quali bloodthirsty, barbaric, and inferior people. Golf Spielen Online Ohne Anmeldung the stone was Glücksspirale Samstag to the National Museum of Anthropology and HistoryBlitz Jungle the stone presides Glücksspirale Samstag the Mexica Hall of the museum and is inscribed in various Mexican coins. The state religion included a vast canon of deities that were involved in the constant cycles of death and rebirth. The state was then exploiting the sacredness of the practice to serve its own ideological intentions. The Aztec calendar and other solar monuments. Archaeoastronomy IV, no. In fact the common thing to figuresand is that they are multiples of 52, and 52 years is the duration of 1 Aztec century, and that is why they can express a certain amount of Aztec centuries. Failure to do this All Slots Flash Casino cause the end of their world and the disappearance of the sun from the sky. A fire drill was placed through the heart of a sacrificial victim; if the fire could not be lit, the myth said, the sun would be destroyed forever. Many fall under a category known as temalacatllarge stones built for ritual combat and sacrifice. New York: Abrams. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Traditional Mahjong Shanghai Coole Spiele.
Aztec Sun Du bist hier: Startseite / Fremdanleitung / Six Leaf Multiple Colours Aztec Sun Bar​. Dieses Tutorial wurde mir von Bettina Schlezak zur Verfügung gestellt, sie. Du bist hier: Startseite / Blog / Hundehalsband / Six Leaf Multiple Colours Aztec Sun Bar. Dieses Tutorial wurde mir von Bettina Schlezak zur Verfügung gestellt. Aug 31, - Six Leaf Multiple Colours Aztec Sun Bar Dieses Tutorial wurde mir von Bettina Schlezak zur Verfügung gestellt, sie gab mir freundlicher Weise. - JD. Lenzen hat am die Aztec Sun Bar vorgestellt, eigentlich ist es schade das dieser Knoten nicht mehr gesehen wird ist er doch sehr.
Aztec Sun


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