Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How early should I arrive?

A.   Due to the time required to park, walk to the station and locate your assigned car we strongly suggest you arrive at least 20 minutes early.

Q.   What are the ride prices?

A.   Prices vary by ride operator. Check individual listings.

Q.   Are seats assigned?

A.   Tickets are usually assigned by railroad car. Seating within that car is open and groups wishing to sit together should arrive early to ensure they are at the head of the boarding line for their car. If you wish to be certain that your group will all be in the SAME CAR, contact the ride operator well ahead of time.

Q.   Do rides return to the same station where they departed from?

A.   Yes, most rides return to their departure location. A few don’t do so.

Q.   How long is the ride?

A.   It varies by departure location. Typically ~1 hour.

Q.   Are there restrooms on the train?

A.   Rides run in modern passenger cars may have a restroom in some cars. At Museums not every ride may have a restroom on the train. Ask beforehand!

Q.   Is these rides handicapped accessible?

A.   Some stations are equipped with either high level platforms, a lift platform or a short wheelchair ramp at one end of the platform. Ask before traveling out to ensure if a lift is available! Please arrive no less that 45 minutes prior to departure to ensure easy check in.

Q.   Are strollers permitted?

A.   Strollers are welcome at the ride grounds, but are not permitted in the aisles of the railcars. This is a State public safety law. Stroller stowage can be on the overhead racks or behind fixed seats.

Q.   Are the cars heated?

A.   Many modern (used weekdays for commutation) cars are fully heated. At museums some historical era (pre 70’s) cars may have full (steam) heat to lesser heat. Some cars may have no heat. Ask beforehand!

Q.   Is there a charge for babies riding the train with their older siblings?

A.   The age requirement varies between the trains.

Q.   Are all of the rail cars historic?

A.   Many rides are run on (1990’s to present – used weekdays for commutation) equipment. Museums may have some to many historic cars in their consists.

Q.   Are trips cancelled due to weather?

A.   Train rides will run rain, snow, sleet or shine. Trains will not run if the State Governor declares a weather state of emergency or the host railroad determines it cannot safely operate the trains.